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KCQEC Quality Standards & Criterions


There are eight criterions comprising of thirty one standards laid down by QAA of HEC . It is an essential requirement to be complied by Program Teams continuous basis by developing annual Self Assessment Reports (SARs).

  1. Program Mission, Objectives and Outcomes
  2. Curriculum Design and Organization
  3. Laboratories and Computing Facilities
  4. Student Support and Guidance
  5. Process Control
  6. Faculty
  7. Institutional Facilities
  8. Institutional Support

Supporting Questionnaires and Performa's

  • Student Course Evaluation Questionnaire
  • Faculty Course Review
  • Survey of Graduate Students
  • Research Students Progress Review Form
  • Faculty Survey
  • Survey of Department Offering PhD Programs
  • Survey of Alumni
  • Survey of Employers
  • Faculty Resume
  • Teachers Evaluation Form