QEC (Quality Enhancement Cell) seventh workshop on “Teach the Teacher” was held on 18th October, 2012 – 19th October, 2012.
Mr. Talal Saiyyer was invited as a resource person for the training of the newly recruited faculty members.

Day 1
The resource person presented a demo on the following:

  1. Role of the teacher.
  2. Plan and organize learning.
  3. Management of Learning

To implement enhanced role of teacher, the emphasis was on how to understand the following:

  1. University students are mature and plan their learning more efficiently.
  2. Not all students learn in the same manner.
  3. Learners learn at their own pace.

He further elaborated the method of deliverance by explaining that the teaching strategy signifies to priority to student learning. Two suggestions were given while choosing the strategy:

  1. The objective you want the learners to achieve.
  2. The number of students you have to teach.

Day 2
Faculty members were asked to plan a lesson related to their concerned departments. 15 minutes were given to each participant for the presentation, after which critical evaluations and discussions were carried out by the Resource Person.
The young trainees (attendees) enjoyed both sessions. They said it was an interesting workshop and they learnt new techniques for teaching and it was focused on getting the best out of the students.