Quality Enhancement Cell (QEC) arranged its 4th workshop on 30th April 2012, with the title “Training and Awareness of Program and Assessment Team Members”. Faculty members from all departments were asked to attend the workshop. Sir Salman Saeed Qureshi (Registrar, UMT) was invited to confer the lecture on the SARs criterion. He arrived at 10:30 am, the first session of the workshop started at 10:45 am with the brief on Quality “Doing it right first time and all the time”. In first 15 minutes quality’s definition was discussed, he highlighted the fact that to increase or to assure the quality, increase in the efficiency of the business, excellence of the product for service, is needed. Furthermore, he argued that system itself should take the corrective measure to enhance the quality; difference in attitude towards the students as well as faculty decides the quality of an institution. He elaborated the meaning of SAR that “Self assessment is an exercise conducted by the institution / department itself to assess whether its programs meet their educational objectives and outcomes with the purpose to improve quality of programs and enhance students’ learning”. The foremost thing which comes in writing SAR is the vision and mission of the program. He emphasized that mission and vision statement of the program should be clear and depends upon three essential Principles.

i) Purpose
ii) Guiding Principles.
iii) Who might be stake holder?

After discussing all three main principles in detail he asked the entire present faculty to write the program vision and mission for their departments. 15 minutes were given for this activity. At 1:30 pm lunch was served in NB- 6. It was an enticing and refreshing lunch. Everyone especially the guests liked the lunch menu a lot.

At 2:00 pm second session of the workshop started and this time the focused was on objectives and outcomes and objectives versus outcomes. He discussed in detail and also tells that how to write an objective, for this purpose he emphasized that a faculty should identify the purpose of the program.

In the last 15 minutes he asked the present faculty to write the objectives of their departments. It was an informative workshop. Problems occurring in writing the SAR finished after attending the workshop.

Over all it was a useful and enlightening workshop, QEC members were appreciated by the faculty for arranging such an instructive workshop.