Workshop on “Building Quality in Higher Education” Organized by University of Management and Technology is to be held on 28th March 2012 and 29th March 2012.

Ms. Manal Talat (Deputy Director of QEC/ Head of Accounting & Finance) and Ms. Almas Hamid (Head of Environmental Sciences) are participating in the workshop.

Listed below is the program of Workshop

Day 1(March 28, 2012) Morning
– What are program specifications?
– One must know what is to be assessed before one knows how to assess it.
– Benefits of program specifications
– Characteristics of good learning outcomes
– Teaching and learning are these same
– Use of program specifications
– Information needed for preparing program specification
– Issues for consideration in preparing program specification
Afternoon Sessions
– A guide for preparing program specifications
– Examples of bench mark statements

Day 2(March 29, 2012) Morning
– Exercises on developing educational aims
– Developing bench mark statements
– Developing curriculum in tabular form
– Drafting main learning outcomes
Afternoon Sessions
– Developing a template for program specifications
– Participants feedback and conclusion